Karsten Funk


SSD - SetSoundDevice  v.1.1

Sets the output sound to multiple audio devices. SSD - SetSoundDevice allow you to output sound to more than one audio device. To call SSD from the commandline, the syntax is 'SSD.exe #' (where # is the number of the Sound Device to select from the

Icon Configuration Utility  v.3.5

Icon Configuration Utility designed for Saving and Restoring Desktop Icons positions. Using this app you can save/restore your desktop icons positions at any time. You can create as many sessions as you like, such as for different screen resolutions,


Search My Files  v.2.0

SMF -Search My Files is a file and file duplicate (md5,crc32 or sha1 driven) search tool.It has excessive search filter abilities and a SQLite driven result reporting tool, with which you can sub-filter the result set according to your needs.

HotKey Resolution Changer  v.2.1

Change the resolution using hotkeys. Do you also have a multi monitor setup and are annoyed with always having to change the resolution manually? Then HCR will be as helpful to you as it is to me.

Karsten SlideShow  v.3. 5. 2004

Karsten SlideShow is an open-source slide show program for Windows users. It makes playlist based slide shows for pictures and video clips. It offers flexible control over the presentation sequence.

Funk Monkey  v.1.1

Funk Monkey is a handy little utility that allows you to make files or folders invisible on the Macintosh.

RADREP - RADIUS Reporting & Billing Tool

RADREP (RADIUS REPORTING) is a Windows 32-bit GUI application, specifically written as a generic RADIUS accounting log analysis and reporting tool. Supported log formats include Livingston, Microsoft IAS/RAS, Funk SBR, RSA ACE/Server, Novell BMAS, CISCO

RADREP RADIUS Reporting and Billing Tool  v.1.85

This program is a generic radius accounting log analysis and reporting tool. It can run in a stand-alone manner or integrate with the RSA ACE server to provide radius reporting functionality.

WPMatic  v.

WPMatic ermöglicht die Steuerung von Homematic Geräten mit einem Windows Phone. Eine Homematic-Zentrale (CCU) ist voraussetzung. Folgende Komponenten werden z.Zt. Unterstützt: - Schaltaktoren (Wired und Funk) - Tuer- und Drehgriff-Kontakte -

Vinyl Fever Ac. Drumkits  v.1.0

New Kontakt and Battery Library Captures Seventies Drum Sounds This is a Demo ( Kick, Snares and HI-Hat) of Vinyl Drumkits.

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